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Marks of Pride and Beauty..

…makes people radiate pride and beauty despite or even thanks to their scars.

From 2009 I had my own photo studio photographing mainly people. These are families, business profile photos or event photography. I also photographing some weddings per year. This is all photography of fun events or we make sure it’s fun.

In 2016 I started photographing people with significant scars. Not bothering to hide the scars and we just want the scars to stand out. What is special is that all photos emphasise pride, strength and beauty. Usually it is first the eyes that attract your attention and only secondarily the scars. The start came because I wanted to do something more “difficult”. Photographing happy people was no longer a challenge. Although we had some tears during the MPB shoots and sometimes they where because of the fun we had;-)

Every model has his or her own story, sometimes describing some fragments. The message of the photos is the positive appearance of the people portrayed. The most beautiful photos are published in a beautiful photo book.

Jan van Beijnhem

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